Offshore Inspections

The inspection of windmill farms for example, can be very time consuming and expensive. The use of UAV’s can be an ideal solution for this problem. We have the necessary certificates and experience for doing these inspections in a safe and regulative manner.  

Extreme Sports

The use of UAV’s as an ultimate tool to image your favourite sports. Aerial footage give a unique and dynamic view of any sport. UAV’s can also be taken to remote and less accessible places. 


Are you interested in images or a film from above for a wedding, festival or another possible event? By using aerial footage, you can easily capture big crowds or a performance and give your recording or image an extra dimension.     

Real Estate

Aerial images or film can give a good overall view of your house, domain or even the whole neighbourhood. Maybe bringing in that extra push to your sale.


The use of UAV’s gives a unique viewpoint to your advertising film or images. We closely work together with a reputed film agency, but our services are also standalone available.     

Company Film

Renting a UAV for your company film can give that little extra to your footage. We closely work together with a reputed film agency, who are specialised in film as well as production.        

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